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A Visit to NAPA
POSTED: September 21, 2017              BY: Ambreen Karim | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse NNP-II
Karachi: NNP-II arranged a field trip for its Class V students to National Academy...
Defence Day
POSTED: September 19, 2017              BY: Sahrish Hina | Staff Correspondent TBT| Beaconhouse Civil Lines Rawalpindi
Rawalpindi: Students of Class V-B performed a role play on September 6, 2017...
BLKC ’17
POSTED: September 14, 2017              BY: Maryam Faiz Tiwana | Staff Correspondent TBT | BLL
Lahore: Beaconhouse Liberty Kasuri Cup 2017, a four-day parliamentary debating championship...
FINA World Championships & Islamic Games in Baku
POSTED: September 13, 2017              BY: Saad Malik | Staff Correspondent TBT | TNS Beaconhouse DHA
Lahore: From the TNS Beaconhouse DHA Campus, student Mishael won a bronze medal...
International Summer Programme in USA
POSTED: August 18, 2017              BY: Nauman Wazir | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse A Level Johar Town
Lahore: The Access Centre at the Beaconhouse ALJT Campus took an initiative...
Beaconhouse, TNS IBDP Students Ace Exams
POSTED: July 17, 2017             
Lahore: Beaconhouse and TNS Beaconhouse students have achieved remarkable results...
KG I and KG II English and Math Quiz
POSTED: June 09, 2017              BY: Ragini Singh | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Muscat
Muscat: KG I and KG II English and Math Quiz Competitions...
Student Leadership Conference (SLC)
POSTED: May 31, 2017             
Risalpur: Beaconhouse Risalpur Branch held the Student Leadership Conference (SLC) on April 18, 2017.
Early Years’ 2D and 3D Project Displays
POSTED: May 10, 2017              BY: Ragini Singh | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Oman
Muscat: At Beaconhouse Oman Early Years, students learn the practical aspects...
The Voice of Beaconhouse
POSTED: April 11, 2017             
Lahore: Beaconhouse College Campus Gulberg organised a music competition, “The Voice of Beaconhouse”...
Visit to Cancer Association
POSTED: March 21, 2017              BY: Janaki Venkatesh | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Oman
Muscat: Our Senior Section students on February 22, 2017 visited young children...
Young Canvas Art Exhibition and Competition
POSTED: February 24, 2017             
Lahore: Beaconhouse organised an art competition featuring the work of young artists...
Annual Sports Day
POSTED: February 23, 2017              BY: Ragini Singh | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Oman
Muscat: Early Years at Muscat organised the Annual Sports Day for kindergarteners on January 17, 2017.
Global Dignity Day - Bake Sale
POSTED: January 12, 2017             
At Beaconhouse, we celebrate Global Dignity Day with a lot of zest and zeal every year.
Global Dignity Day
POSTED: January 12, 2017              BY: Sharon Abraham | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Gasing
Malaysia: Beaconhouse Gasing celebrated Global Dignity Day on October 12, 2016.