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From: Abbas Zaidi
Class: 6a
Subject: Science
School: beaconhouseshoolsystem pp2
Question: Who invented dynamite?
Dynamite was invented by the Swedish chemist and engineer, Alfred Nobel in Krummel (Geesthacht, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany), and patented in 1867.

From: Fahad Ali
Class: VII-Blue
Subject: Science
School: BSS Kharian
Question: Differentiate between an Atom, a Molecule and an Ion?
An atom is a basic unit of matter that consists of a central nucleus surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons. A positively or negatively charged atom is known as an ion. A molecule is an electrically neutral group of two or more atoms held together by covalent bonds.

From: insa atif
Class: VI
Subject: Mathematics
School: beaconhouse school system ptc gujranwala
Question: Can you tell me about some websites that are helpful for learning mathematics?
These are some excellent websites, such as:

Interactive Maths

Teaching videos,
Maths Makes Sense,
TES Shapes,
TES Painting with numbers,
and Learner

Maths Games

Math Playground,
Function Machines Game,

Starter for finding the nth term of a linear sequence

e-learning for kids,

Number patterns activity

Teachers' domain,
Algebra Puzzle Game,
Game Playground,

Algebra substitution practice games

Maths net,

From: izma Shahid
Class: Vi daisy
Subject: Mathematics
School: BSS Sheikhupura
Question: Why can`t we get rid of maths? It`s so difficult.
Would life really be all that simple without maths? Well, there wouldn't be equations or any problems to solve. This means no proper dimensions when building something, even a table to fit in a particular corner of a room, because you wouldn't know how to measure. You wouldn't be able to design buildings based on precision.

There really wouldn't be any currency, just trading one thing for another maybe.

No maths means no measuring, which means no delicious cakes or ice-creams because we wouldn't know how to measure. Plus, you wouldn't be able to design machines for baking delicious chocolate cakes.

Izma, let's admit that Maths is the mother of all sciences.
Physics and chemistry wouldn't exist without maths. Houses would fall on our heads if there wasn't such a thing called Maths; moreover, maths equals logical reasoning, so without maths we won't have logic and without logic we would be all messed up.

From: marium jawad
Class: 7a
Subject: Mathematics
School: beaconhouse school system canal sid campus
Question: What is the square root of a negative number (-2x8=21)?
Square roots of negative numbers come under the umbrella of complex numbers.

From: anamta farid
Class: 6-d
Subject: Science
School: beaconhouse defence campus karachi
Question: What other way can we use nuclear energy apart from making bombs?
Nuclear energy can be used to generate electricity; however, heavy costs are involved in this process.

From: Nimra Faisal
Class: 6-Red
Subject: Science
School: Beaconhouse School System Abbottabad
Question: Why don't sharks have bones?
Unlike bony fish, sharks have no bones; their skeleton is made up of cartilage, which is a tough, fibrous substance, not nearly as hard as bone. Sharks also have no swim bladder (unlike bony fish).

From: Khadija Wasim
Class: 7th Silver
Subject: Mathematics
School: BMI-G
Question: what are vertically opposite angles?What are vertically opposite angles? What does transversal mean? How can we move angles?

Class: 9 Cambridge
Subject: Science
School: Beaconhouse school system FC campus
Question: What is the best way to learn physics when preparing for exams?
Make a study group with your friends and discuss the concepts that are not clear.

From: anosha fatima
Class: 8
Subject: Mathematics
School: Beaconhouse shool system
Question: Solve the following equation: x(x-9)=0
x=0 or x=9

If you substitute zero in the equation, you get 0(0-9) and this equals 0.
If you substitute 9 in the equation, you get 9(9-9) and this equals 9x0 which is again zero.

From: ImanFatima
Class: VII
Subject: Art
School: Beaconhouse School System
Question: How to do collage work?
Collage derives its name from the French verb ‘coller’, which means ‘to glue’. This kind of work of art made by gluing different things to the surface, such as photographs, pieces of cloth or paper etc. Some artists use wood, wire, rope or other material to create a collage.

From: Ali Junaid
Class: V
Subject: Science
School: Beaconhouse School System
Question: When a person drinks alcoholic drugs, why does he get dizzy and sleepy?
Most of the effects of alcohol that people experience during intoxication are due to how it affects the brain. One of the most rapid effects of alcohol is on the central nervous system (CNS), which controls a range of vital body functions including the organs. When one is intoxicated the alcohol interferes with the CNS's ability to analyse sensory information. This results in the typical symptoms of being drunk. Typical symptoms include:

- Decreased motor coordination and balance
- Slurred speech
- Blurred visions
- Sweating
- Loss in judgment
- Dulling one's sensation of pain (The dulling of pain is why alcohol was used in the past as an aesthetic).

From: SardarBasam
Class: XI-C
Subject: Urdu
School: Beaconhouse Garden Town Campus
Question: Urdu (A) is recommended in all BSS schools, so if I want to give both Urdu (A) and Urdu (B) exams, but there is a clash between their timing and date, what do I do?
As per the policy of the Cambridge International Examination (CIE), you are not allowed to appear in both Urdu A and Urdu B in the same examination session. You have to make a choice between the two. I would suggest that you opt for Urdu A.

From: Asib Ali Qureshi
Class: 7-silver
Subject: Science
School: Islamabad, Margala campus H/8 branch
Question: What is faster than light?
According to special relativity, c is the maximum speed at which all energy, matter and information in the universe can travel where ‘c’ stands for the speed of light in a vacuum.

From: Areej Hameed
Class: 7
Subject: Science
School: beaconhouse school system
Question: How is the great diversity of living things classified?
Biologists classify organisms into a hierarchy of groups and subgroups on the basis of similarities and differences in their structure and behaviour.

From: Areej Hameed
Class: 7
Subject: Science
School: beaconhouse school system
Question: What is an alloy?
An alloy is a mixture of two elements, one of which is a metal. Alloys often have properties that are different to the metals from which they are formed. This makes them more useful than the pure metals. For example, alloys are often harder than the metal they contain. Alloys contain atoms of different sizes, which distort the regular arrangements of atoms. This makes it more difficult for the layers to slide over each other, so alloys are harder than the pure metal.

From: rabicasaif
Class: 8c green
Subject: Mathematics
School: beaconhouse school system
Question: How can we change the subject of a formula?
Please visit:

From: Shanzay Khan
Class: 6
Subject: Mathematics
School: Beacon House School System Abbottabad
Question: Can you teach me some tricks for fractions please?
Please visit the site

From: Mohsin Naveed
Class: VIII Gold
Subject: Science
School: BSS Defence Campus Lahore
Question: Which has more heat energy, a hot cup of tea or glacier? Why?
It's all about the sheer volume of an ice berg compared with the volume of the liquid in a cup of tea. Although the tea is a lot hotter, the ice berg itself has heat energy, even below zero degree C. That's because it's not at absolute zero or -273'C.

Using absolute zero as a base, or degrees Kelvin, the iceberg will be at around 260-270 Kelvin. The tea may be around 360-370 Kelvin, 100 degrees warmer - but this difference is overwhelmed by the sheer size of the iceberg.

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From: Sajjal Najeeb
Class: 8th
Subject: Science
School: B.S.S sargodha chapter (Girls Branch)
Question: Which type of respiration, aerobic or anaerobic, takes place in our muscles when we run very fast?
Humans cannot respire anaerobically however, during stressed instances such as excessive running where enough oxygen is not entering the body anaerobic respiration takes place as glucose is broken down in the absence of oxygen forming lactic acid.

From: saliha
Class: 6
Subject: Urdu
School: beaconhouse school system walton campus
Question: I hate tashree nagari. Help me, it's too lengthy; can't we write tashree in short form?
The word tashreeh has been derived from an Arabic word sharah, which means ‘to explain in detail’. Therefore, while doing the tashreeh of a verse or poem, you are required to write a detailed explanation. So, unfortunately it can’t be done in short form.
Good Luck!

From: Afsa Babar
Class: N/A
Subject: Science
School: Beaconhouse School System
Question: How Can Some People Hear Their Own Eyeballs Move?
A disorder of the inner ear called superior canal dehiscence syndrome causes every sound within the body to be amplified, even the movement of one`s eyeballs, all the time.

From: IzaaRiaz
Class: VI-blue
Subject: Art
School: beaconhouse school system (walton campus lahore)
Question: what is the technic of proffesional colour mixing?
Izaa, I do not understand your question. What do you mean by colour mixing? Mixing colours on the paper or canvas? Or mixing colours in water (for dyeing)? What types of colours – watercolours, oils, pastels, markers or pencils?

‘Techniques of painting’ is a vast subject. Nevertheless, if you identify the specific area, I can be more helpful. .