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Noman Sukhera Student in the Spotlight

Noman Sukhera | Student | ALJT

Lahore: Our talented student Noman Sukhera demonstrated that he is a rising star as he worked tirelessly for weeks, along with his team members, under the guidance of Mr Abdul Rehman, to create a unique walking aid for the blind. The concept was exclusive and was presented at BLIINDA, at a startup event by Seedstar World and Jumpstart Pakistan on November 19, 2016. Noman and his team stood first amongst many competing projects.

The talented team then proceeded to Islamabad for the final round on November 25, 2016, where their project got second position in all of Pakistan. They secured a cash prize of $80,000 while being the youngest participants of the competition.

This accomplishment truly deserves a standing ovation – We are thrilled for Noman and his team’s success!