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Campaign to Save the Trees News Story

Ambreen Karim | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse NNP-II

Karachi: Beaconhouse NNP-II was abuzz with activity as it was announced that a ‘Save the Trees’ campaign was going to be initiated on April 11, 2017. Firstly, all students brainstormed uses of trees and wrote them down. Next, teachers instructed the students to close their eyes and imagine a world without trees. As expected, students painted a vivid picture of barren lands and the looming threat of extinction was apparent. Everyone was in agreement that awareness needs to be spread about the importance of conserving trees.

Creativity and innovation was at its best as the students came up with bright ideas to campaign for this issue by making wonderful posters. Through the use of catchy headlines, colourful illustrations, big prints, contractions, informal language and phrases, students came up with lovely posters. Poems added to the posters gave them an extra edge. Eventually, everyone came up with productive ideas for the campaign and proudly pinned their work up on a prominent place in their classrooms.

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