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Expressions – A Visual Art Exhibition News Story

Tayyaba Shahid | Staff Correspondent TBT | BMI-IBDP

Islamabad: A two-day Visual Art Exhibition was held at BMI-IB on April 8 and 9, 2017, highlighting the wonderful and though-provoking artwork of Year Two students.

The themes, depicted using a variety of styles and media, for a varied and exciting exhibition of five young artists, were ‘Multiple Faces and Personalities of Humans’, ‘Effects of War in Syria and Palestine’, ‘Preservation of Animals’ and ‘Psychological Disorders’.

The objective of the Visual Art Exhibition was to develop examination portfolios of the students and to show their extensive research skills.

Other than paint, canvas and photography, students also exhibited fashion and textile as well as stop-motion video.

The calibre of work produced by the young artists was outstanding. Parents, teachers and guests thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition.

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