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Winter Orientation Programme News Story

Tayyaba Shahid | Staff Correspondent TBT| BMI-IB

Islamabad: BMI-IB conducted a Winter Orientation Programme for its prospective students. In a two-day orientation session in March, 2017, students were exposed to the essentials of the IB programme. Integrating creativity with subjects offered at BMI-IBDP provides an opportunity for both, a structured and an out-of-classroom learning experience. Students were briefed on all the courses BMI-IB offers, as well as an idea about the unique method of teaching through various activities, enabling a rich learning experience.

Day two focused on one of the core subjects of IBDP, Creativity Activity Service (CAS). Students engaged in rock-climbing, where they learned the proper safety measures required. School Group Head-III Ms Ayesha Shabbir graced the occasion and gave away participation certificates to the students.

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