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Master Chef Competition at BSR News Story

Sonia Ishaq| Staff Correspondent TBT | BSR

Rawalpindi: The Master Chef Competition 2017 took place on March 16 and 17, 2017, at BSR. Both girls and boys participated with their beloved fathers as they prepared and decorated their dishes. The students were overjoyed and the mood was festive. This event highlighted the strong and loving bond between fathers and their children. Each class stall was decorated based on a certain theme. Once completed, the students were judged for their culinary skills including preparation, cleaniness, ingredients and presentation. They were then judged by eminent judges, who were exceedingly happy with students’ culinary skills. These judges included Mr Malik Zafar, Mr Malik Shahbaz, owners of Sholay Grill, a restaurant in DHA, Mr Abubakr Aziz, owner of Millennium Marquee and alumni Mehr Zia and Mahnoor Ejaz.

Class V students prepared cocktails, Class VI garnished salads, Class VII made sandwiches, Class VIII assembled desserts and Class IX students prepared burgers. The judges savoured the dishes prepared by our enthusiastic cooks. At the end, certificates and prizes were distributed to the best students-chefs, along with their fathers.

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