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A Trip to the Red Planet News Story

Naushin Fasih | Staff Correspondent TBT | BPC Boys

Islamabad: Beaconhouse hosted another in a series of ‘School Of Tomorrow’ events on March 11 and 12, 2017 - a free, public event discussing the ‘World of Tomorrow’, where people from all over Pakistan come and take part in panel discussions, workshops and debates. Students from BPC-B, Raja Ahmad, Abdul Moeed, Absaar Humaiyun and Abdullah Tariq, teamed up with their counterparts from BPC-G, Aima Gillani, Mahnoor Raza, Tooba Bahadar, Mahin Shehzad, Maheen Hamdani, Anaya Noor and Zebinda, to prepare a presentation on the possibility of Martian colonisation in the coming two decades. They worked tirelessly for four days preparing the presentation. This project was the only one at the event that had its own set and stage as the students gave their best performances. Everyone who witnessed the presentation was impressed by the depth of research and intrigued by the ideas presented. The project included a depiction of the technological changes that will take place in the next twenty years.

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