Message from Head of Human Resources News Story

The HR department at Beaconhouse is committed to providing a dynamic, positive and fulfilling environment for its employees and to position Beaconhouse as an employer of choice by attracting, developing and retaining a diverse and well-qualified workforce.

We are committed to supporting the BSS mission of providing quality education of an international standard. Our goal is to attract and develop talent and enable our employees to grow personally and professionally. We consider our employees to be our greatest assets and offer endless opportunities for career growth and professional development. In accordance with our tradition of fostering a learning community, our teachers are provided with on the job training and opportunities for continuing education so that they can excel in their current and future roles. If you become part of the Beaconhouse family, you shall be eligible for several employee benefits, including a competitive salary package, health insurance, trainings and an opportunity to participate in employee events. We hope that you will take the time to explore career opportunities at BSS and become part of this dynamic organisation!

Rizvana Ikram,
Head of Human Resources

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